Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Z in Piedras Negras

I spent some days in Piedras Negras, Mexico, border town with Eagle Pass, Texas. And something have called my attention, the amount of Z in orange color in some cars and trucks. I've been told that this is done for people that support the narco group the Zetas.

This group has been achieving importance and power in northern Mexico, and for example in Piedras Negras, since 2003 it took control, when the last local narco, Mr. Rubio was assassinated.

For many locals, that usually tolerates the narcos, the arrival of the Zetas has not been nothing beneficial, on the contrary, it has harmed enormously the local economy. It apparently seems, the old narcos, those from town, spent big amounts of money in the city, thus causing economical activity in many sectors, let's think about a celebration: banquets, cleaning, music, service, security, etc.

The Zetas, who not come from this border city, does not spend any important amount of money, for sure, they take it to their own communities.

Nevertheless, many people prefer to put themselves of their side, because it tells a local urban legend, if you dont' do so, you could suffer from firegun shootings, robbery of cars or kidnapping of girls. So better to put a Z.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, You are so wrong!!!, those z's were because the last name of a political candidate was zambrano.